How WAMI came to life...

WAMI came to life as a response to a deep desire to give the best form of worship to our God. 


Since my childhood, music has been an integral part of my christian life. I am blessed to have been born in a very artistic and musical family who freely made music to glorify and worship God. As kids, our mom sung with us gospel songs, songs rich with truths from the word of God, songs filled with words of God which gave me strength and assurance in Him and made me hold on to my faith in Him even in the deepest valleys of my life. 


Now, as an experienced stage artist and pedagogue, i look back and see God's Goodness; how He saw me through from the past to the present. I saw how He prepared me step by step to get ready for the mission He has intented for me to accomplish for His Kingdom. Having seen what God has in store for me in this ministry, i look ahead today and see the developments that took place in the church worship practices with amazement. But the impressions i gathered in what i saw during praise and worship services in churches i attended opened my eyes.


God showed me a vision: an opportunity to use my experiences and skills in the performing arts as a ministry.


With my acquired skills and experiences as a performing artist and as a performing arts teacher, God showed a stewardship path for all the gifts He has given me, how i can make use of the gifts He has given me to help educate the potential christian artist in the present and in the future who might be busy serving in a church somewhere but have no access to proper education and training in order to develop his or her God-Given talents to the fullest, so that they are really "equipped" for an effective artistic ministry in praise and worship.


Although i saw a lot of good things, I also saw a lot of room for improvement in worship art practices in the churches and most importantly, i see the urgent need to educate the praise and worship ministers in the churches, (from the oldest to the youngest practising volunteer in praise and worship leading), in order for them to use their capabilities and talents to the maximum for God's Glory and Honour.


Its time to revolutionize the education and training of christians artists in the churches and christian circles.  

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