Founding a Christian Institute for the Performing ARTS.


An effective Christian Education is the result of diligent and skillful study which is ordained by God. 


"Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15


We at IWAMI believe this admonition to the young Timothy applies to all believers in Christ and to all aspects of our christian lives, and this too, applies to the field of Christian ARTS Education.


We believe, that intuition alone is not enough to create an artistic form which will encourage people to love worshipping God during our worship services. There are educations to undertake and skills to be mastered and learned in order to be fully equipped as a praise and worship minister.

As much as pastors and christian educators also had to go through bible school education and trainings to be the effective leaders that they later will become in their churches, praise and worship leaders need to master performing skills so that as they lead, praise and worship in the church service can flow in a flawless and vivid way in the presence of God Whom we serve and worship.

Full expression of musical and dance worship is only eloquent when fully mastered and polished to the highest level of artistry by those who lead the congregation in worship. Masterful artistic leaders are those who do not disturb nor distract worshippers by committing errors during performance while leading, wether they may be musicians or dancers ministering during worship.


To reach this level of performance mastery, two aspects are necessary: education and practice.


EDUCATION. Every field of discipline has its established systems. Performing Arts Education aims to educate the future artist in his field of performance. The need to study theory and analysis in every specialization is needful.


PRACTICE. The saying: "practice makes perfect" simply applies here. For even if the Holy Spirit is able to inspire us, there must be acquired skills in us and diligent hours of practice we made that the Holy Spirit can inspire in us to recreate art for the glory of God.


Anyone who wishes to attain a high level of masterful artistry in playing an instrument, singing or dancing simply needs hours and hours of technical practice, until such desired mastery of performance becomes effortless.


This is the ultimate goal of a good art education and training.


Our MUSIC Curriculum

Those who wish to study Music can choose between two majors: Music Education or Music Performance.



Our DANCE Curriculum

Those who wish to study DANCE can choose between two majors: Dance Education and Dance Performance.


The first poster announcing our Leadership Training Study Program in the Visayan  and Mindanao Islands in 2017.

The majority of those who availed of the training in Oton, Iloilo City on that year were Bible School students and actively practicing church ministers.

Thus the vision became clear to us that ministerial students needed the necessary artistic education and sought for such skill-trainings and educational programs to become more equipped for effective ministry in their local churches or christian groups.

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