Our Team

Samson Cabantac

Founder and Artistic Director

Worship ARTS Ministries Int'l.


Samson Cabantac started this worship arts ministry by teaching the Praise and Worship Dance Team of Shalom Outreach Ministries Germany while also serving as Worship Song Leader at Shalom Church since 2016. He was a professional dancer and concert singer. Today he is a music & theater dance pedagogue and a choreographer.

As dance teacher and director of the Shalom Praise and Worship Dance Team, he is developing a system of teaching and leading a praise and worship team using his long years of experience as a performing artist and performing arts teacher in Germany. Under his leadership, WAMI endeavors to uplift the level of artistry and skills of musicians and dancers serving in church praise and worship while encouraging those who serve in this ministry to glorify God above all, for He Alone is Worthy to be worshipped. 



Herman Cabantac

Pastor, Shalom Outreach Ministries Germany

Founder, Shalom Outreach Network gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)


Pastor Herman Cabantac is co-founder of WAMI. He collaborated with his brother Samson in gospel-musical-projects in the early stages of Shalom Outreach Ministries, he also leads the Praise and Worship Music Team of Shalom Outreach Ministries Germany and partners with Samson since the first seminars of WAMI as music coach. He serves as Music Lecturer of IWAMI courses. He is an experienced concert musician and was conductor of Mosaik Gospel Choir, doing gospel concerts in Germany for many years.

Barbara Heinen-Cabantac

Praise and Worship Leader

Shalom Outreach Ministries Germany


Barbara has partnered with Pastor Herman Cabantac in music ministry since they founded the Shalom Church in Weilerswist in 2011.

While still serving as worship leader at Mosaik Church in Erftstadt, Germany, she has gathered years of experience as music minister in the church and as a lead singer in the Mosaik Gospel Choir.

Barbara comes from a very musical family. Her parents both sing in church choirs and she herself has sung in church choirs in her youth. 

She finished Biblical Studies at RHEMA Bible Training Center, Germany. Barbara is a gifted and spirit-filled praise and worship leader. We are truly blessed to have her as song leader at SOMGermany.

Elissa, Noemi, Jakob and Gabriel

SOMGermany Praise and Worship Dancers


These kids are our vital partners in IWAMI Ministry. Serving as laboratory dance pupils for IWAMI, they serve at our Shalom Church every sunday, dancing for God during our Praise and Worship services.

Elissa, Noemi and Jakob have been in the dance group since its beginning in 2016. These three have been with us in music and dance worship ministries we did in the Philippines and in the Netherlands. Gabriel, the youngest in our current team, joined us just recently, when he finally entered grade one at school. We pray that through their example, more kids in our church will be encouraged to join this beautiful and blessed ministry. 


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