Praise and Worship at SOMGermany

How this ministry came to life.


In January 2016, WAMI began this ministry at our Fellowship in Weilerswist, Germany.

Samson Cabantac, founder of this ministry, started teaching children and teenagers to dance meaningfully in our worship services.

Since 2016, our team has seen lots of changes both in membership and also in the artistic and spiritual growth of this very young team. Seeing the importance of training the members to develop their artistry for God, Samson Cabantac was persistent in conducting dance lessons for the members to develop a specific style of dancing fit for the king of Kings.

The beginnings was not easy, but the kids kept coming to the training sessions and the whole church witnessed a transformation of a group of young dancers who were moving in a unified noble style. The church leadership saw by personal encounters with the team while serving during worship services, the importance of this ministry and so the church even made it possible through the love of its members that ballet bars be constructed in our sunday school  which also serves now as rehearsal room, so the kids can train in a more academic way.


Today, the group continous to develop their skills and get deeper in their love to serve the Lord God with their "God-Given" talents in dance while harmoniously partnering with our SHALOM Praise and Worship Music Ministry team. 

Below is a documentation of SOMGermany Praise and Worship (MUSIC & DANCE) Team in pictures since its foundation in 2016.

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