Shalom Outreach Ministries Germany P&W Trainings

The Praise and Worship Dance Team at SOMGermany has served as the laboratory group of WAMI. Since 2016, we started training the volunteers, mostly kids and teens, administering a system of educating dancers in a specific technique and introducing different styles of dance movements to create a singular style of movement which we will follow as we pursue this educational/training program. 


Today we see the first fruits of a continous program. The children serving in the dance ministry move in a unified way and they understand the professional language of dance used by dancers around the world. We believe that by dessiminating this dance educational system, a lot of churches could benefit from it immensely. 

The beginnings in January 2016 was an experience we will not forget, as it was received by a group of enthusiastic children and youth of international origin, eager to learn and to serve in the dance ministry of Shalom Outreach Ministries Church. It was a very humble beginning but we received a lot of encouragement and motivation from both the church who was very appreciative of the dance offerings of the kids during sunday worship and the dancers themselves who kept coming with their enthusiasm to serve God in Worship.

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