About Us

Shalom Church is a Bible-based, full-gospel, Spirit-empowered church co-founded in 2011 by Pastor Herman Cabantac and Pastor Omar Lamsen with the mentorship of Pastor Lorenzo Mapa of Shalom Outreach Ministries, New Jersey, USA.


We love to reach out to people, and help them to grow in their relationship with the Lord. By the love of Christ we are bound together as a family, meeting every Sunday to worship the Lord and fellowshipping with one another. During the week, we stay connected, encouraging and assisting each other in anyway we can.

Want to connect with us?

After months of restrictions due to the Corona pandemics, we opened the door of our worship center in Weilerswist during our Sunday Worship Service. Our Services are simultaneously streamed on FACEBOOK LIVE and at GOTT24.TV



Our discipleship trainings are also meeting during the week through ZOOM Meetings and MESSENGER. If you want to join our online Worship Service and Discipleship Training, please contact Pastor Herman Cabantac on messenger. Or use our contact form.

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