Praise and Worship Evening in Ransbach-Baumbach opens doors to Koblenz and Montabaur


Although we´ve been praying for this event since summer this year, the confirmation of the venue came to us just two weeks before the date of the event. On Saturday, November 16, 2019, we gathered in a small chalet in Ransbach-Baumbach to praise and worship the Lord. To our surprise, most of the few people who came are already believers and are longing to worship God but couldn´t find a fellowship in their cities (Montabaur and Koblenz). We had a wondeful time singing praises to the Lord while our Kids Praise Dance Team danced to the songs. 


Two of those who attended have expressed their willingness to open their homes in Koblenz for bible studies. This opens a door for us to reach out to the Filipinos in Koblenz. We continue praying for these 2 Cities; Koblenz and Montabaur. As we have heard from those who came, they could not find any full gospel church in these 2 cities. The nearest they could find would be in Frankfurt, an hour ride from Koblenz.


As a result of this worship event, the already existing small Bible Study Group in Ransbach-Baumbach has increased 4-fold! To God be the glory!

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