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Our Short History

Pastor Herman Cabantac and Pastor Omar Lamsen met in 2008, both were working fulltime in their respective jobs, and faithfully serving in the worship team of a German Evangelical free church in Weilerswist. Sharing a mutual burden of reaching out to Filipinos in Germany, they started in spring of 2011, a bible study group with three families meeting every Sunday in the living room of the Cabantacs. 


The Fellowship continued to grow and held its regular Sunday services from one home to another. It did not stay solely a Filipino Fellowship, but developed into an international Fellowship with five different nationalities represented. The living rooms could no longer contain the fellowship´s growing  number that a decision was made to move to a bigger place. This big step of faith took  place in December 2015.



In 2017, a home-based bible study group in Ransbach-Baumbach, (near Koblenz). This gave birth to a daughter church in the Region of Westerwald.


On October 22, 2022, the Lord openned the door for us to start another Home-Bible-Study group in Springe, Hannover. Hallelujah!


Praise God for He gives the increase!

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