Historically, a disciple was a person who studies under a master teacher to learn both his knowledge and approach to life, with the goal of passing that knowledge and lifestyle on to others. As disciples of Jesus, we long to understand everything Jesus taught, live by it, and teach others to do the same. Discipleship always has the intent of passing what you have learned on to others.

Jesus was very clear his intention was that we would spread his teaching throughout the world so that people of all nations coud enter a relationship with him and experience his forgivenes and life. So discipleship is not an accidental by-product of going to church; discipleship is to be strategic and intentional, with kingdom-impacting goal in mind.


Strategic Discipleship Curriculum include teachings which focus on four developmental areas for a disciple to grow:

      1) Truths you need to understand and embrace

      2) Disciplines you will need to embed

      3) Ministry responsibility to a local church family

      4) Missional focus, both locally and globally


Let the adventure begin! 


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